LeiLa Bone Graft

Introducing our advanced line of bone substitutes, the perfect solution for veterinary bone grafting.

Our synthetic beta tricalcium phosphate granules (LeiLa Bone Matter) and injectable synthetic alloplast ceramic paste in ready-to-use syringes (LeiLa REDY and LeiLa REDY ONEg) offer numerous advantages over traditional bone grafting materials.

The LeiLa Bone Matter (beta tricalcium phosphate granules) are highly cohesive, reabsorbable, radiopaque, and integrate seamlessly into the natural bone structure for perfect osteointegration. The highly interconnected porosity of the granules allows for total vascularization and enhances bone regeneration.

Our LeiLa REDY and LeiLa REDY ONEg bone substitute is composed of water-based nano-hydroxyapatite paste, offering excellent mechanical strength, ease of application, and perfect osteointegration. Its injectable form and ready-to-use syringes make it convenient and easy to use in various bone defect situations.

These unique properties, together with the 0% risk of disease transmission, make our bone substitutes a superior choice compared to traditional bone grafts. And as a company that prioritizes quality and excellence, we guarantee that our products meet the highest standards in the industry.

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