Bone Drills
Bone Drills
Bone Drills
Bone Drills

Bone Drills

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Bone Drill for osteosynthesis. Made in Germany.

Please choose AO if you have an AO attachment or "Round Shaft" if you have a standard Jacobs chuck.

Please choose Ø1.1mm for 1.5mm screws, Ø1.5mm for 2.0mm screws, Ø1.8mm for 2.4mm screws, Ø2.0mm for 2.7mm screws, Ø2.5mm for 3.5mm screws.

Product Code Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Connection
148-0081-11  Ø 1.1 mm 60 mm AO connection
148-0081-15  Ø 1.5 mm 85 mm AO connection
148-0081-18  Ø 1.8 mm 125 mm AO connection
148-0081-20  Ø 2.0 mm 100 mm AO connection
148-0081-25  Ø 2.5 mm 110 mm AO connection
148-0080-15  Ø 1.5 mm 70 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-18  Ø 1.8 mm 125 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-20  Ø 2.0 mm 85 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-15  Ø 2.5 mm 95 mm Round Shaft

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