Bone Drills
Bone Drills
Bone Drills
Bone Drills

Bone Drills

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Bone Drill for osteosynthesis. Made in Germany.

Please choose AO if you have an AO attachment or "Round Shaft" if you have a standard Jacobs chuck.

Please choose Ø1.8mm for 2.4mm screws and Ø1.5mm for 2.0mm screws.

Product Code Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Connection
148-0081-11  Ø 1.1 mm 60 mm AO connection
148-0081-15  Ø 1.5 mm 85 mm AO connection
148-0081-18  Ø 1.8 mm 125 mm AO connection
148-0081-20  Ø 2.0 mm 100 mm AO connection
148-0081-25  Ø 2.5 mm 110 mm AO connection
148-0080-15  Ø 1.5 mm 70 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-18  Ø 1.8 mm 125 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-20  Ø 2.0 mm 85 mm Round Shaft
148-0080-15  Ø 2.5 mm 95 mm Round Shaft

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